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We use Agile methodology to reduce time to market. We believe in rapid, iterative development. We have our own tools to improve accuracy and reduce lead time while sticking to an agreed brief. If the work requires outsourcing, we have near and offshore development resources available. If you need consultants in-house, we have those too. 

Dynamic Documentation

Excellence in architecture, design and coding are pre-requisites for a successful project. At Screen Matrix, we place emphasis on documentation and communication to turn good ideas into great solutions. 


Lean software development processes such as Agile typically produce less documentation than the traditional Waterfall style of development. However, the rapid iterative process does require accurate and timely communication and cooperation between consultants, users, developers and management to deliver high quality results. 


We use formal and remote meetings, dynamic documents and alerts to ensure all team members have access to the documentation they need, when they need it, but also that each group's status and issues are fed back into the process.

To see how we work and the results we deliver, take a look at some of our solutions.

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