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Case Study:

NYSE Euronext Project Trident
Financial Services
Date: 2010 - 1012


The client, a major global financial institution, was falling behind in its service offering to its B2B clients. This was affecting revenue and leading to customer service issues and attrition.


Strategic Objective

The CIO wanted the Management Information System upgraded, but with Knowledge Transfer in-house to deliver product ownership and extend the product life cycle. The client approached a number of professional services providers.



The client had researched the available technologies and had made a shortlist. My agency had demonstrable expertise in one of these technologies, but was newly established and had neither the scale, resources or experience of the other agencies on the tender list. Nor was it classed as a preferred supplier. 


Having endorsed the client’s decision to adopt a specific platform, we worked with the client to prioritise knowledge transfer as a deliverable. We established a secure area in their office for our developers to work on site alongside their staff, created a secure local network and VPN and brought in a Systems Architect to work with IT management in an Agile process with dynamic documentation. This meant selecting developers with the necessary business and communications skills to develop the product, but also test and implement it amongst in-house users and customers, ensuring product ownership by the client.


Business Results

The product was completed on time and within budget. It’s introduction reduced latency, enhanced the user experience and increased the number of concurrent users by an order of magnitude. The familiarity of the client’s IT staff with the system they had developed meant the new system still forms the basis of the client’s Management Information System after many years.


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