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Jeremy Nicholson, Founder of Screen Matrix addresses an audience at the Egage Media CX Summit, 2018




High performance digital marketing and communication is a process, rather than an event. You start by establishing a strategy, based on a business case, then break it down, implement, measure, analyse and use the results to feed into a new challenger strategy. It is an iterative process delivering enhanced performance with each cycle. 


At each stage you may need specialist services to optimise areas of campaign management, PPC, SEO or CMS for example. We offer Systems Architecture services centred on Open Source technologies including LAMP, WordPress and HTML5 / Java.



But at the same time you need to maintain an overview of the actual performance against target, response utilisation against budget and time constraints. You also need to keep a weather eye on the changing fashions in tools and technical platforms to keep abreast of developments.


Multi Skilled

At each stage of the process you need different skill sets for different disciplines. Good creatives do not make good coders. We blend and coordinate the different disciplines to achieve your goal

The first step on the road to a successful digital marketing and eCommerce solution is the business case. Why do you need to do this? How will it work with your existing business? What are the projected costs, returns and payback? We have the experience to help you phrase and answer these questions. Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership are the drivers of a successful implementation. Only when we have these parameters understood and in place do we progress through scoping, functional specification, architecture, design, documentation, coding, testing, training, campaign planning, creative, media analysis, conversion analysis, A/B splits, multivariate testing and all the other disciplines of digital marketing.


We operate an Agile development process, concentrating on communication and task ownership. A fast track, iterative design and build method means users can test development and beta versions and contribute to the success of the production version. We measure, analyse and use this in a strategic dialogue which feeds tactical implementation. 

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