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Case Study:

Online Dating
Date: 2010 - 2014

Business Area: B2C Online dating brand entry into the UK market



A US based provider of on-line dating services sold one of its brands to a UK, AIM listed business. As part of the agreement, the UK publisher agreed to provide a white label platform for a number of other brands to the US businesses, to maximise the value of the agreement. The company appointed Screen Matrix to consult on eCommerce strategy, integrate with partners and affiliates and transform the business with digital marketing campaigns.


Strategic Objective

To build profitable revenue and equity in the brands in the UK and Europe, thus enhancing the value of the arrangement.



I was approached to take over the running of the UK brands on a revenue share agreement with the US brand owner. As the UK platform provider was a competitor as well as a partner, I decided to spread the 10 brands over two white label platforms, both to provide a means of comparison and to defend against potential conflict of interest. I shortlisted several candidates and selected one, with which I contracted on behalf of the US brand owner.


I set up web front ends, integrated with the two platforms and implemented Google Analytics and Google Ads before researching and shortlisting a number of emerging social media providers relevant to the market sectors of each of the brands. In this way, I was able to negotiate sponsorships and content targeted at appropriate market sectors, whilst measuring and comparing campaign ROI between channels and brands.


Business Results

The initial campaign exceeded industry standard rates of Clickthrough and Conversion, while keeping costs under control and delivering payback within the campaign. The revenue from subscriptions in the “tail” of the campaign contributed to a high Campaign Return on Investment (CROI), justifying an increase in investment and budget.

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