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Case Study:

eXchange Applications
Enterprise Software
Date: 1996 - 2000

EMEA Market Penetration for US CRM Software Vendor



My client was a marketing services agency based in Boston, USA which had “productized” its offering into a CRM offering built around its USP of “Value Exchange”. The client wished to gain “Conquest” accounts to add revenue, profit and perception of global reach prior to its IPO.


Strategic Objective

The Objective was to add $1 Million of profitable revenue from Blue Chip accounts in specific sectors within a five year programme.



The client hired a UK based VP Sales and Marketing on an attractive compensation package combining salary, commission and stock options. Target sectors and clients were agreed. My agency was tasked with speeding the sales cycle, by establishing brand, credibility, leadership and network within the target sectors, maximising the effectiveness of direct sales.


We first created a media relations and direct marketing campaign to build brand and awareness while preparing appropriate collateral, partly derived from the US offering but tailored to the EMEA market. We built on this by establishing strategic affiliations with complementary vendors, in the professional services and hardware sectors, building an exhibition and conference programme with speaking opportunities for the UK sales team to build thought leadership. 


Business Results

The first tactical campaign ultimately brought in two blue chip clients with a combined revenue of £850K. Subsequent conversions delivered, within a year, a run rate revenue of £1 Million per month. The client’s IPO on NASDAQ raised $33 Million and, following a second Public Offering the business was subsequently acquired by a major CRM vendor.

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