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Screen Matrix Digital Integration Checklist

Perhaps you remember how early corporate websites were simply an on-line brochure. There was no interactivity, just exposure. Maybe your business has a website which is still like that. Then we moved on to the enhanced functionality for which the shorthand term was Web 2.0, AKA “the fourth industrial revolution”. Now we have Web 3.0, introducing the development of smart applications by enabling them to use ML and AI characteristics.

But this acceleration in on-line functionality, being essentially cloud based, exists externally to the enterprise. Of course, pretty much all organizations now have a digital presence, but only a small percentage are what I would term, “digitally enabled”. What is the difference? Take a look at the screen matrix digital integration checklist:

  • Can you take an order, invoice, adjust journals and stock levels and execute pick, pack and dispatch without printing paper or double entry of data?

  • Can you check records and see every contact with an individual prospect, customer or supplier, showing interactions, historic and current orders, credit status and marketing events from one screen?

  • Can you produce all necessary accounting outputs, including VAT returns, Management Accounts, Cash Flow Forecasts and Annual Returns without double entry of data?

  • Can you turn customer data into outbound marketing campaigns without double entry of data?

  • Can you prevent over-trading by using stock levels to control marketing campaigns without double entry of data?

  • Can you perform, "lights out" longitudinal marketing campaigns based on customer behaviour?

  • Can you compare KPIs across multiple eCommerce and marketing channels (CRM, PPC, SEO) including CPM, conversion, cost of sale and campaign ROI without double entry of data?

  • How often in a week do you export data from one application and import it into another?

  • Do you use spreadsheets for data analysis where you cannot achieve the same results within an application dashboard?

  • Do all your business systems share data in real time?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you should think about integration of your systems and data sources before you even consider upgrading your external digital presence to the next generation.

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