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New Media, New Message

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

One question I get a lot from clients is, "how can I futureproof my marketing?" For "marketing" read "business".

Marketing technology offerings move so fast it is hard to know what is happening in our industry to enable us to put the best ideas into practise.

Future Tactics You need to have considered all of these. They already exist, but are not universally deployed:

  • Programmatic: Like ad networks, can work well for some types of business. However, they add quantity, not quality. If you are selling vaping refills, they can work. If you are selling Steinbeck pianos, probably not.

  • Voice search: Could be a game changer for certain types of business, but susceptible to abuse and therefore regulation. In theory, this technology should deliver high quality leads and good service. In practise, the jury is still out.

  • Geo marketing: Another one where the jury is still out. Never taken off the way it should. Perhaps critical mass is approaching.

  • Augmented Reality: A big one when the technology becomes universal, but like Geo, it needs a Killer App to bring it to the mainstream and I don't mean Pokemon Go!

  • AI / Machine learning / ChatBots: Big and growing fast. Especially useful for enhanced customer service via customer chat. Do it once. Do it right!

  • Peer Review: My favourite. If you don’t have a peer review section on your website, get one now. Peer Review / comparison policy is a must have in sectors like Utilities, Financial Services and Holidays and Travel.

  • Push Marketing - Automated Multi Channel Real Time Content: Screen Matrix is delivering dynamic content via automatically updating banners. These display changing sales content in real time. Applications of this technology include on-line gambling sites promoting best odds, auction sites updating bids and “while stocks last” promotions.

  • MaaS – Marketing As A Service / Marketing Automation. All these products are tools in a tool box. There are more of them than ever before and they are better than ever before, but they rely on a craftsman to use them effectively. You can automate some aspects of generic mass marketing tactics, but as soon as you start to climb the value chain and move to premium pricing and customer service you need to control the three “A”s.

  • Fulfilment. There are businesses which offer free payments transaction processing for multiple currencies because their business model is to get the logistics. There are also businesses like Amazon which claim to be able to take away the whole headache. In the White Goods sector, AO and Oak Furnitureland set up their own logistics because they could not get what they wanted in the market. Last mile is the key.

  • Disruption of established industries Finance / Transport / Energy. Data is currency, but to make the most of it you need to achieve and maintain the Triple “A” Rating for marketing.

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